What if Pain is Your Security Blanket?

Sometimes in our practice we get stuck at the detachment part. Instead of really being present with our pain we may instead dismiss it, then we mistake our dismissal as detachment. If there’s anything that persists, like physical pain, you must consider the possibility that you are resisting being fully present with that pain. You might wish to continue only being partially present with your pain so that you can avoid other feelings. That persistent pain becomes a mask for your awareness. As you resist being fully present, you avoid feeling other things, new things that you have never felt before.

Maybe pain is a security blanket for some of us. Perhaps it’s because feeling physical pain is a habit. To find out if this is the case for you, test it. Spend time focusing on what’s going on inside you. Where do you feel pain? Do you feel anything else? Emotions , energy, lethargy? Express that by focusing on each of these things inside you with intention. Give each of these sensations your full attention seperately. You may express each sensation by taking a physical posture, or it can be an internal experience.

The benefits of doing this exercise is that you may find that the pain subsides. It’s shocking sometimes to find out that your pain wasn’t as real as you thought it was. You were simply avoiding feeling something new and different. Now you can become more aware of the feelings, thoughts, and perceptions that you have been hiding from yourself.