New YouTube Channel

Here is my first video.

The video shows how to do an accessible yoga posture called Samasthiti.

Samasthiti is a foundation yoga posture that helps correct posture. This video will show you some basic postural elements to work on in your practice. If you are new to yoga, forgive yourself, do not be hard on yourself, and keep on practicing. With practice you will become stronger and find that you have more flexibility. 

Samasthiti when practiced regularly may have the following benefits:

Better blood flow throughout the body

Feeling more at ease and balanced

Stronger feet

Breathing becomes easier

Less aches and tension

Increased energy

Samasthiti is a Sanskrit word. Sama in English means equal or same. Sthiti means state.

This posture is also known as Tadasana. Tada in English means mountain. Asana means posture.

The light in me bows to the light in you!