Healthy Relationships make us Healthier

Currently the government and Public Health does not understand that unhealthy relationships can also take place with the people they govern/serve. This image accurately explains the relationship that I and many others are now experiencing with the government and Public Health. It is not healthy to have this type of relationship. And it will take a lot more people speaking out before we can resolve this. I hope you will gather the courage to speak up soon. We are seeing how bad this relationship can get when we look current affairs in Austria and Australia.

7 thoughts on “Healthy Relationships make us Healthier

  1. I agree Mountain Energy Yoga. Much as we may hope the government is looking out for us, sometimes they don’t have our well being in mind. When the government overrides, and suppress and threatens science and the medical profession in favour of the guidance of “expert opinion” one should have serious concerns. It makes one question what is their real agenda?

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